Allison George

Allison George

We are excited to welcome Allison George from Barrhead, Alberta to our Ambassador team this year! Allison has been a regular customer and we appreciate the support she has given North 40 Performance!. 

Let's meet Allison! 

I don’t have any fancy degrees or certification behind my name but I know what works over the last few years of using these products I have noticed a substantial change in the health and quality of puppies and foals we have raised .

My riding horses have never looked or felt better my vet bills have decreased.

My dogs are experiencing zero allergy issues and that’s a BIG ONE for Boston Terriers and their coats are shiny . Feeding young horses and puppies correctly is huge for me in order for them to go on to live healthy productive lives .

As a breeder my most major accomplishment to date is something I’m sure every breeder dreams of is their futurity horse being the Canadian Futurity horse of the year .. It makes you feel like you are on the right path ….As for major competition accolades behind my name I have none , I have goals and dreams for the future but for now you can find me doing the grunt work and learning how to get there .

When we asked Allison what here plans were for 2024 here's what she had to say! 

Events I have on the schedule to attend in 2024 are IBF in Idaho ,The extreme in Nevada ,The Breeders Elite , ABRA Finals ,Big Bang , hopefully some Senior Pro Rodeos , CBHI ,always some local jackpot series are fun also excited for November when we crack out out our new futurity colt . And I always pick a new jackpot every year that I have never attended and hit the road not sure what one it will be this year!

Alison has some exciting goals coming up! 

Breeding goals for 2025 are exciting, first we need to get all of our mares foaled out successfully. Then we are doing icis on one mare we are going to breed directly to Judge Cash it’s been a life long dream for us. We have a few more irons in the fire with the other mares that will be exciting to announce later in the season.

We appreciate Alison picking North 40 Performance as part of her program and look forward to supporting her to achieve her goals in 2024. 

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