Doug and Shannon Bowers, owners of North 40 Performance

Hi, we're Doug and Shannon Bowers!

Most days you can find us outside feeding and riding horses, roping, barrel racing, or just hanging out with our dogs and our friends. Or quite possibly all of the above.

Our animals mean the world to us and we know they do to you as well.

I bet we can guess what your looking for in a supplement.

We supply ranchy, rural folks like yourself with a quality hemp supplements for your horses, dogs and even a few chickens. We know you are looking for a quality supplement that has

multiple health benefits,

is versatile when feeding,

and affordable enough to feed long term.

We know that because that’s what we were looking for too… until we found North 40 Performance.

The horse that started it all.

A while back we had a horse named Murphy that always looked under-conditioned and dull coated. We tried everything to help him; all the cool fads and then some!

Nothing worked and packing all those products to go away for the weekend was an undertaking.

It was a problem.

Then we heard about hemp supplements.

We were hesitant at the start when we made the hemp leap but we very quickly saw results.

Murphy finally looked well conditioned and shiny. #north40shine Next we decided to incorporate the hemp products into our entire feeding program. And then we bought the company.

I guess we don’t do things half way.

Fibre Plus hemp seed product

K so why did we take the plunge?

Here are the top reasons we decided owning North 40 Performance was right for us (and you):

  • these hemp products meet the needs of our competition horses and our young horses in training.

  • hemp supplements meet the needs of our senior horses that need a little anti inflammatory relief.

  • hempseed oil supplements are great for our high energy horses and the nervous ones too because it’s high in energy but low in sugar.

  • hemp is simple to top dress on just about any feeding program including your dogs food.

  • Our horses and dogs look and feel great when they are fed these hemp products regularly. #north40shine

  • hempseed products are a natural, plant based supplement. It’s simple and it’s effective like nature intended.
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