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  • Breanna Boyes, North 40 Performance Ambassador, Barrel Racer

    Breanna Boyes Denbow

    "My gelding showed improvement within a few days his coat was shiny and within a month his top line started to fill out!"

  • Jane Folka

    "My horses absolutely love North 40 Oil. They lose their minds when I am mixing their feed and they never looked better and out-perform everyone in the barrel pen."

  • Alexis Fowley

    "I have been using this product now for close to three years and I feel like it’s the reason I have two very healthy looking elderly horses. They both maintain a good weight and look and feel much younger than their 25 and 29 years of age."

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What's so great about Hemp?

Hemp has amazing qualities that we can harness for our equine and canine companions! Have questions like "Does hempseed oil have CBD in it?"

All your hemp related questions answered here.

Become a distributor

Being a distributor with North 40 is the opportunity to make an income sharing a quality, affordable product. Take your business on the road or service your local horse & dog lovers. We appreciate our distributors so much and make sure that they are generously compensated. Want to know the details?

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A note from the owners:

"We are horse & dog owners too. We began our journey as hemp product users and ended up buying the whole company. We know, first hand, what it takes to make a great supplement."

Doug and Shannon Bowers - Owners of North 40 Performance

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  • Simply Quality

    One ingredient means no fillers, no extras. Just the good stuff.

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  • Multiple Health Benefits

    These products are quick to give results. We chose hemp because it's a simple ingredient with multiple health benefits.

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  • Affordability

    We believe it's imporant, as pet owners, to continue feeding supplements throughout the year and for our pets entire lives. That's why we love hemp products, they are reasonably priced for the benefits they provide.

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