Elaine Black, Barrel Racer and North 40 Performance Distributor

Elaina Black, EB Barrel Horses, Crossfield Alberta

"I have been feeding Hemp products to my horses and dogs over the last 6 years now. I have had many success stories with several horses but the first one where I truly became a believer was my retired CFR horse who was struggling thru the winters with what my vet and I could not figure out but we called it seasonal diarrhea.. after only 3 weeks of using the hemp oil and fibre his diarrhea stopped he started gaining weight and holy cow his coat went from dull orange to this beautiful red colour! I was sold! So becoming a distributor with North 40 was right up my alley as I have seen the difference and love having product on hand!"

LOCATION: Crossfield Alberta

EMAIL/CONTACT: elaina_black@yahoo.com

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE AT LOCATION:  Cool Energy Hemp Oil, Protein Plus, Fibre Plus, Protein Bites


"Almost all the horses get the Hemp Oil as a staple but love the versatility and options with the protein and fibre."


Elaine teaches riding lessons and trains barrel horses. She has qualified for the CFR & Calgary Stampede and won many Pro and amateur rodeos. She also won the Canadian Derby high point championship (2014). An impressive record and we are pleased to have her as a distributor! 

Elaine Black, Barrel Racer and North 40 Performance Distributor

Elaine Black's horse is fed North 40 Performance Hemp Products

Elaine Black, Barrel Racer and North 40 Performance Distributor

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