Hemp oil makes a great supplement for horses and dogs

"Hempseed Oil" research article from Science Direct.

This is an excerpt from the research article "Hempseed Oil". Reference Below.

"Hempseed oil is a highly unsaturated product that is pressed or extracted from the achenes of Cannabis, which are also a source of highly digestible protein. The tiny nut is an exceptionally good source of nutrition. The food-quality of hempseed oil tastes and smells delicious, and it is extremely rich in lipid nutrients. Hempseed oil that is used for human consumption is ideally produced from fresh, well-cleaned seeds that were air-dried at low temperatures over several days or weeks. Hempseed and hempseed meal are excellent sources of digestible protein. Hempseed is an incredibly rich source of beneficial dietary components."


2009 Hempseed Oil. J. C. Callaway, David W. Pate. Gourmet and Health- Promoting Specialty Oils. 


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